Tire Tips

Tires are not only important to your vehicle’s performance and handling. Safety is also a major factor in choosing and maintaining tires. Think about it. Especially here in Wisconsin, tires need to stand up to the extremes of hot and cold weather, bumps, potholes, curbs and dips. We hope you’ll visit this section often to learn how to keep your tires rolling at optimal performance.

We’ve compiled a list of easy and convenient methods to keep your tires at their best:

Rotation. Rotation. Rotation.

Did you know your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles? Certified technicians at Performance will keep you on a schedule that extends tire life as well as making sure your family is safe, riding smooth and wearing evenly for maximum life.

Inflation. Inflation. Inflation. (and we're not talking about the economy)

Tires typically lose one pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure each month. Those pounds add up very quickly. Temperature also has a notable impact on tire pressure. One PSI of pressure is lost for every ten degree drop in temperature! Also, remember that when your tire pressure is low, gas mileage goes down. And, with gas prices these days, you want to run your vehicle at optimum efficiency. Please check your tire pressure monthly or stop in and we can check for you for free.

And, don’t forget wear. When tires wear unevenly, it might be an indication of other problems with your vehicle. Have your tires inspected regularly by our friendly techs at Performance. Remember, we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

And, here’s a final tip: Insert a penny in the tread of the tires; if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's time to have them replaced.